Common Ground An Interfaith Dialogue

The WCCM Meditatio Seminar took place in Singapore.

The WCCM’s 2012 Meditatio Seminar took place on 7 January, in Singapore. It was a forum for the ten religious traditions of Singapore to meet in their common ground of silence. The speakers discussed the contemplative practice of religion and how the shared experience of silence in meditation can enhance inter-religious dialogue.

A gallery and the brochure of the Seminar are available.

Sitting in the silence of the mystery, that all religions recognise as the essential nature of God or ultimate reality, is a good preparation for effective dialogue.

This silence, gentle, non-judgemental, non-coercive, non-persuasive, does not compromise or merge our important differences which deserve respect. But it has the power to unite, fostering a new level of tolerance and understanding and a clearer recognition of each other as brothers and sisters of the great originating mystery. This makes an immense difference to the quality, depth and effectiveness of dialogue.


Organised by IRED and Meditatio

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