Connecting Prayer and Care for Creation

An online workshop from The Meditatio Centre London

In this workshop we will provide an opportunity for people to explore their feelings in relation to the destruction of our environment and how that can lead us to deepen our prayers for the earth.

 The workshop will be a safe  space to reflect on environmental stories and  issues and connect that to our prayers. We hope to encourage  better awareness of the ecological crisis and call out our imagination, prayer and action to show solidarity with people in poorer countries facing common experiences around the world.

Peter will  use some of his photos from his work in Bangladesh to stimulate our imaginations to pray for a different world and better understanding. You can see these in the links below.

 Peter has worked for over 35 years in the field of community development . He has a special interest in Bangladesh where he has lived and worked for many years, a country on the frontier of climate change. Peter is a meditator with WCCM and a member of Green Christian. 

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