The Way of Peace ends Fr. Laurence’s visit to the Philippines

On 3 June WCCM Philippines hosted a Way of Peace in Manila with Fr Laurence as the main presenter. The event reflected the national response to the state of emergency called by the government in Mindanao as well as solidarity with the victims of the Manchester UK tragic events. About a hundred people came for an afternoon of meditation and reflection on the necessary relationships between inner and outer peace and the courage and strength of character required to break the cycle of violence with the commitment to nonviolence. The event was held in the Meditation Room of the Benpres Office building provided for more than twenty years to the community by the Lopez family. 

Fr. Laurence also had other activities in the Philippines before the Way of Peace event:

  • * A talk on the theme “Like a Child: Recognising the Contemplative Gift in Children for Educators”
  • * A talk on the theme “Contemplation in Action: The Prayer of the Heart in Priesthood & Religous Life”
  • * A two-day retreat on the theme “Friendship: The Kinds of Friendship that Make Life Worth Living and Why Jesus Calls us His Friends” (photo)
  • * TV interview on All News Channel (watch below)
  • * Essential Teaching event
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