Watch the video of Points of Light – An Inward Turn event in London

Points of Light – An Inward Turn event, was hosted by the Brahma Kumaris in London, in the 18th of November, to celebrate Just This Day’s 11th year and honoring National Interfaith Week. It was introduced by Sister Jayanti (European Director of the Brahma Kumaris) with the following guest speakers: Salina Ahmed (Co-founder of Inspirited Minds) Father Laurence Freeman (Director of the World Community of Christian Meditation), Mina Karawadra (Brahma Kumari meditator) and Jeremy Sinclair (Chairman of M&C Saatchi). 

Watch the video of Points of Light:

Laurence Freeman will also part at the Just This Day event in London on the 22nd November. This is an annual day in St Martin-in-the-Fields when people are invited to experience silence and meditation. You can have more information and also will be able to watch the live webcast here. This is the programme for the Just This Day (all times are in London time): 8.30 am. Morning Prayer

9.00 am. 3 minutes silence

9.30 Time for Meditation

10.00 am.3 minutes silence and welcome from the Clergy Team leading to an Introduction by Chairman, Richard Edmunds.  The subject he will ask the speakers to address is The Inward Turn to Freedom.

The first speaker will be Brahma Kumaris European Director Sister Jayanti.  Not to be missed for her sweet wisdom and clarity of being, Sister Jayanti became a Brahma Kumaris when very young and has been a companion of Dadi Janki, the leader for many years.

Music will follow with a 2 minute silence at 11.00 am.

The final speaker who will lead us into a short meditation is Father Laurence Freeman OSB.

The morning will conclude with 3 minutes silence at midday.

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