Meditation and Leadership – Learning from the Centre

McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

The Purpose of the Course

The course offers the opportunity and the means to develop your own practice of meditation. It is oriented to those who are already involved in or preparing for the greater responsibilities of leadership. The learning process for understanding this connection between meditation and leadership will consist of listening and understanding, experiencing and practicing, sharing and participating. 

A basic background to the history of meditation prepares for the modern research into its psychological, physiological and social benefits. Then, a wider view is be encouraged as we consider the ethical vision and practical value- system associated with the practice of meditation. Personal integrity and the link with corporate and professional values are also related. Finally, we consider how the insights and personal lessons learned during the course can be applied to daily life, career guidance and the relationship between success (or failure) and happiness.

Because of its emphasis on personal practice this may be the simplest course a student can take, but it is not the easiest. It demands and personally rewarding to the same degree as you understand why it is simple. The Course is custom-designed for students who both want to learn what meditation means and who are prepared to learn by practice and participation. 

Meditation is more than mastering a technique. Learning how to deal with one’s sense of failure in meditation is essential to becoming a meditator. It is about patiently developing a discipline and life-skill that gradually enhances every aspect of yourself as it quietly but powerfully aligns the inner and outer aspects of your life.

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