"Let your minds be remade"

Special Series

In this online series on the WCCM’s theme for 2023, an international group of contemplatively oriented leaders, thinkers and activists bring wide-ranging perspectives to focus on how we can change our mind. With insights from religion, science, politics, economics and technology, this series will be a year-long discovery of hope and fresh insights into our future. Discussion groups will meet between the monthly online talks to allow participants to share their insights with others.

The solutions to our global problems and their means are already within our reach. What we conspicuously lack is the common mind to make them effective and to change the disastrous course humanity is on.

Metanoia is a Greek word that simply means change your mind. This is something that comes right from the heart of the Gospel. The call of Jesus at the beginning of his public teaching was to repent. The Greek word behind that is in fact metanoia: Change the way you're looking, don't beat yourself up for the mistakes you've made but understand where you are and change your perspective.
Laurence Freeman OSB

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  • Schedule of Dates & Speakers

17 January

Barry White
Barry White

Science & Art of Healing

The Science & Art of Healing

The talk will explore the path to self healing through contemplative living.

28 February

Diane Tolomeo
Diane Tolomeo


“Teach me what I do not see”

In confusing times of rapidly changing ideas about everything , how and why do we keep learning? In this talk, Diane shares her experience of learning, teaching and meditation to suggest how we can find comfort and growth in uncertainty, and, like the psalmist, make it a habit to say “lead me in your way and teach me”.

21 March

David Egan
David Egan

Relationship & Equality

The Multi-Species Community

The densely settled and sedentary communities that are the norm for almost all human beings today are multi-species communities. 

25 April

Giovanni Felicioni

The Embodied Person, Plasticity

“Embodiment” — In my flesh I shall come face to face with God (Job 19:20)

In this talk Giovanni will speak out of his 30 year of experience, working with people through touch and movement, as a Rolfer, yoga teacher and movement therapist. He will show how the very young science of human movement uses the term “embodiment” to herald a new way of understanding how we come to “know” our bodies and how we humans get up on our two feet and move about in a world.

30 May

Mark Medish


Reflections on Human Scale

Throughout a career that took him to high levels in international affairs, law and finance, Mark Medish has pondered over the concept of “human scale” and its significance for the contemporary world. Classical and Renaissance thinkers placed heavy value on the ideas of proportion, scale and optimal balance as keys to individual fulfillment and social order. How can and should we — as citizens, parents, workers, individuals — understand and apply those age-old concepts in our lives in today’s increasingly scaled-up and digitized world?

13 June

Matthew  Fox
Matthew Fox


“Letting Our Minds be Remade regarding Religion”

The crises facing humanity today are real and profound. From climate change to wars including threats of nuclear war to the demise of democracy as we know it, we are facing our own extinction as a species. In this talk, Matthew raises many questions among which how religion has to change, if religion and humanity have a future, and what that might look like.

25 July

Jane Williams
Jane Williams

Scripture (how to read)

Metanoia: Letting scripture remake our minds

Christian mediation requires attention to the nature and purpose of God, or it can be in danger of becoming an entirely personal and inward practice with no impact on what we are becoming or how we relate to others. Scripture inevitably draws us into the strange, diverse community, stretching through time and across place, of those who try to live in the reality of God’s presence and action. This talk will explore why and how we engage with scripture and meditation.

5 September

Marco Schorlemmer


The title and description will follow shortly.

21 November

Jane McAuliffe & Dennis McAuliffe


Contemplation and a Culture of Encounter

Dennis McAuliffe, who has written on Dante and contemplation, and Jane McAuliffe, whose publications deal with Islam and interreligious understanding, will speak from their respective areas of expertise on how a change of attitude from hostility to toleration to engagement has opened the way for the many interreligious encounters that now exist and that offer a vivid example of “minds being remade” and, consequently, of the world being changed.

12 December

Mark Carney
Mark Carney


The title and description will follow after the Cop 27 Meeting in which Mark is currently involved.

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