Celebrating 30 years of the founding of WCCM

This year’s online John Main Seminar – on Saturday 4 September – will be an overview of the life and development of the Community since it was named at New Harmony in 1991. We will hear testimonies and personal experiences of meditators who form a generational bridge covering these years. As we better understand ourselves shaped by the Spirit we also see how it empowers us to plant seeds of contemplation in our troubled world.

The day will be a rich mosaic including teachings by Fr Laurence on the ‘WCCM and the New Christianity’, short talks by the upcoming generation of teachers, meeting with meditation groups from around the world in small groups. 

We’ve summed up here some of the highlights from the talks to give us a glimpse  of what we can expect to hear.

"Since 1991 WCCM has developed an extensive outreach globally. What are we called to do in the future?"
Peter Ng
Peter Ng
a member of the WCCM Executive Committee and National Coordinator for WCCM Singapore
"My talk will give a snapshot of the national communities today. We will look at what has been achieved in recent times and how the communities have been coping during Covid".
Kath Houston
Kath Houston
Director of Liaison with National Communities
"I'll talk about meditation and how it strengthens my relationship with God and so with life itself. It's very simple: the only thing you need to do is to get up and start again because that's what life does when it seems that it's been beaten down".
Josie von Zitzewitz
WCCM Oblate
"I was first introduced to Christian Meditation in Fiji as a personal daily spiritual practice. Since then, over the years, I have come to the realization that meditation is at the heart of the missionary call which is to free us from the control of the ego and lead us to the fullness of life".
Sr Denise McMahon
Sr Denise McMahon
"How do we experience growth in the Community of Love while living in the tension between local and global interests? My reflection takes me to the distinction between the physical places where we meet and with which we identify, locally; and, the 'space' that meditation helps create in us and among us regardless of where we are when we meet. I'd like to comment on the evolution of a meditation community that must meet institutional demands on the one hand, and broaden the spaces for the Community of love to grow both locally and globally."
Martin Malina
WCCM Canada Coordinator
"How can we cultivate our inner garden, take care of our Earth and renew our capacity for action in the face of the changes we have to live through? Reflection and research by the French community for a contemplative practice at the service of the ecological transition."
Pascale Callec
WCCM French Coordinator
"In this talk we will see how we approach the teaching of meditation in rural and indigenous zones in Mexico and how through these trying times it has led us to feel the importance of John Main’s beautiful insight that meditation creates community".
Enrique Lavin
Enrique Lavin
WCCM Mexico Coordinator
"I will be sharing how I discovered Christian meditation, my experience at the John Main Center at Georgetown University, and my recent academic study of the historical context surrounding John Main's storied meeting with Swami Satyananda."
Nick Scrimenti
Nick Scrimenti
a postulant oblate with the World Community

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