Community of Love – John Main Seminar 2021 online


Sep 04 2021


French Time
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

This year’s online JMS will be an overview of the life and development of the Community since it was named at New Harmony in 1991. The real founding had begun long before this in the personal journey of John Main. And it is an ongoing process: a community now present in more than a hundred countries and in 67 National Communities. 

We will hear testimonies and personal experiences of meditators who form a generational bridge covering these years. As we better understand ourselves shaped by the Spirit we also see how it empowers us to plant seeds of contemplation in our troubled world.

Our multi-cultural celebration will be both joyful and reflective, looking back so that we can look forward. It will spotlight the teaching gifts of younger meditators and celebrate the ripening commitment of WCCM teachers who have taught among us or years. This collaboration of the generations will show how the essential teaching of the WCCM has opened new channels between the community and the world and continues to do so.

The day will be a rich mosaic including a teaching by Fr Laurence on the ‘WCCM and the New Christianity’, short talks by the upcoming generation of teachers, meeting with meditation groups from around the world in small groups, a video on the history of WCCM, celebrations in art, music, poetry – and, of course, meditation together. See the full schedule below. 

And you! We look forward to your company and contribution as we celebrate this special milestone!

This is an online event. The recording of the event will be available asap for those who can’t join us live.

There will be a simultaneous translation in Spanish.

Bursaries offered for those
who need it.
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" Since 1991 WCCM has developed an extensive outreach globally. What are we called to do in the future?"
Peter Ng
Peter Ng
a member of the WCCM Executive Committee and National Coordinator for WCCM Singapore

Past, future & the joy of living in the present moment

Personal testimonies of young and older members of the Community:

Pascale Callec (France): meditation and the environment;

Kath Houston (Australia): National Communities, emerging trends and patterns; 

Magda Jass (Canada): the early days of WCCM and the importance of Community;

Enrique Lavin (Mexico): teaching meditation to children in rural areas;

Taynã Malaspina (Brazil): John Main’s theology and its connection with young people in search of meaning;

Martin Malina (Canada): the enriching challenge of being a national coordinator;

Jonathan Maresca (USA): how his stay at Bonnevaux, the community and the contemplative life has shaped his life so far;

Sr Denise McMahon (Fiji): meditation and the call to be a missionary;

Peter Ng (Singapore): how it was in New Harmony (1991) and the growth since then;

Nick Scrimenti (USA): his research on John Main and his experience with meditation at the John Main Center;

Vladimír Volráb (Czech Republic): his research on John Main and the setting up of the WCCM Academy;

Josie von Zitzewitz (UK): how John Main’s teaching influenced her life as a WCCM Oblate.

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  • Community Of Love
    John Main Seminar 2021 Online

Seminar Schedule

12:00 Welcome & opening
12:05 Meditation with intro by Laurence
12:30 Laurence speaking on “WCCM and the New Christianity”
13:20 Short Talks – Part 1 (with 1 min music & visual art in between)
             Peter Ng (Singapore)
             Kath Houston (Australia)
             Vladimir Volrab (Czech Republic) – RECORDED
             Sr Denise (Fiji) – RECORDED
14:20 Break for small groups – an opportunity for socializing with the global community
14:50 Video on the history of WCCM

15:00 break

15:10  Short Talks – Part 2 (with 1 min music & visual art in between)
Pascale Callec (France)
Josie von Zitzewitz (UK)
Martin Malina (Canada)
Enrique Lavin (Mexico)
16:10 Body work and Meditation
16:45 Short talks – part 3 (with 1 min music & visual art in between)
Magda Jass (Canada)
Taynã Malaspina (Brazil)
Nick Scrimenti (USA)
Jonathan Maresca (USA)
17:45 Closing words from Laurence and short moment of silence

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